5 trends in Data Science in 2019

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Data Science includes an enormous network of topics comprising Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, IoT and others. It is a complete combination of technology, analysis, data interpretation in solving complex business issues. With increasing popularity in data, the field of data science, new technological developments, the requirement, usage and applications of data science are expanding significantly. We are expecting the following trends to continue in 2019.

Data Regulation

With plenty of information being created each second as well as the pace of creation being accelerated through IoT and other catalysts, the issue of data security will turn out to be increasingly critical. In 2019, we can expect more data regulatory schemes to be introduced. Events such as GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation) conducted for data regulatory regulated data science practice by imposing certain limits and parameters on accumulating and managing of personal data.

Regulatory activities such as this will largely influence predictive models and diverse analytics exercises. Furthermore, the progressively advanced cyber-attacks have made a demand for a stronger data protection scheme. Such data breaches leave us more vulnerable and expose our inadequacies. We are likely to see many new protocols and procedures for data security this year.

Artificial Intelligence Apps

The buzz of Artificial Intelligence continued last year and will this year too. We are at the beginning of the AI revolution; the initial stage; we can expect to see further advanced applications of AI. Yet, harnessing AI continues as a challenge. Using AI and machine learning, there will be more intelligent apps developed this year.

Automated machine learning (ML) is transforming data management and becoming common. We can expect to see the development of specific hardware for deep learning. Implementing AI to make decisions will help to better business experience. To improve the overall business experience, services and applications will progressively depend on AI. New applications will partially use AI in their program to enhance functioning. Thus, we will see the number of intelligent apps increase.

Virtual Representations

Artificial Intelligence will change the digital representation of real-life objects. This will help resolve business problems. Innovations will increase as well using machine learning and neutral network design. We have seen massive transformations with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications. It is likely we see more breakthroughs in these areas. We will see an improvement in human-machine interaction.

Edge Computing

IoT is growing at an accelerated pace, and edge computing is only getting even more popular. With the number of devices and sensors storing data for analysis, businesses are choosing to analyze and process data closer to the source of origin. Hence, edge computing will gain popularity to maintain closeness to the source of information. This will help solve bandwidth and connectivity issues.


Blockchain technology can have wide-reaching influences when it comes to data security. It has the potential to make new security measures and processes possible.


Such trends are predicted to prevail this year, the future for looks brilliant. Data Science will see enormous popularity, use, and improvement. Digital experience will get all the more fused in human experience. The field of data science is expected to witness incalculable exposure and development.

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