Is Digital Marketing Taking Over?

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We are heavily influenced by digital media. We’re living in a time where social media has obviously displaced numerous conventional marketing efforts that worked before. A report from eMarketer states that digital ads surpassed TV promotion budgets towards the end of 2016. Businesses cannot choose to overlook the requirement to be online and have a steady social media marketing strategy. Digital marketing gives the benefit of being faster, less expensive and more successful than conventional ways of promotion. An email campaign or social media post can deliver your marketing messages to your targeted customers for a fraction of the cost that a TV ad or print campaign demands.


One of the fundamental advantages of having digital marketing in your marketing strategy is the simplicity with which results can be tracked. The rates of response for digital campaigns can be observed in real-time. With the right analytics tool, businesses can measure their clients' response in greater detail.

These advances in online marketing have given rise to the need for the professionals with technical skills.


Why have digital marketing skills?

With the goal for businesses to effectively execute online marketing strategies, they have to hire or train individuals with the right aptitudes.

In reality, where we spend most of our time surfing online, marketing needs to adapt to our lifestyle. Digital Marketing is one of the fields that are growing fast, with huge amounts of lucrative employment opportunities for skilled candidates.

The perfect digital marketer is strong in various areas, regardless of his specialty in one area. While a marketer may know about content creation, social media, analytics, design, it helps if everyone in the team can quickly learn and team up. Regardless of what their specialized abilities are, marketers should know how the diverse areas of digital marketing work together. This implies the strongest employees are those with the aptitudes and knowledge over a wide range of digital marketing.

Hiring managers and executives must have soft and hard skills and blend them to build a team. Managers need to have a team where each contributor thinks uniquely and has a combination of skills. The pace of changing trends is increasing. Managers and the team need to consistently review and upskill in digital marketing.


The gap in marketing skills

A Fractl and Moz research included a review of more than 75,000 job postings on In the research, they found that have marketing skills are much sought after yet HRs are struggling to find talent. A blog post on the report wrote that a major cause of change in marketing has led to a marketing skills gap. A crunch in skills is making it hard to select the right applicants with the specialized and creative proficiencies required to succeed.

A Bullhorn study showed 64% of recruiters found a lack of the right candidates for marketing roles.

The Economist Intelligence Unit and Marketo conducted a survey which found a gap between the responsibilities of advertisers in the past and what they have to do today. The abilities required of a marketer today are to plan, analyze, and engage.

The Economist states that marketers who want to be effective require the skill to combine technical skills with building strategies.


How to bridge the gap in digital marketing skills

For job searchers intending to get a job in digital marketing, a strong understanding of where there is a dearth of skills and what has to be upskilled is a basic initial step. Candidates should choose what to master; content creation aptitudes or analytics abilities.

Companies require talented experts in all areas of digital marketing. Making a promotional video requires individuals with abilities in shooting, and editing videos. Handling websites and social media require individuals with SEO, HTML, CSS and CMS, a little bit of designing and SQL skill. Analyzing data is considered to be among the most vital skill in digital marketing. An eMarketer report estimated that two-thirds of marketers measured content performance.

There are a growing number of learning opportunities available for employees to upskill.

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