How to start a career in Data Science

Author:- Careers of Tomorrow

Any career will require having to put in toil and sweat. In case of pursuing data science, a candidate must perform well on the interview day among other things. As an aspiring data scientist, the candidate is required to prepare across multiple fronts. With the increase in demand for data management skills, your skills and knowledge in the field will boost your career.

As per McKinsey Global Institute, by the year 2024, the US is likely to have as many as 250,000 jobs in the field of data science. As per a study by Edvancer and Analytics India Magazine, India had an increase of 76% in new analytics vacancies per month from April 2017 to April 2018. Research conducted by Analytics India Magazine confirms the above. On harvesting and handling data from job descriptions, an increase in demand for data science was found. Looking at it location-wise, Bangalore is leading as the heart of machine learning and AI.

Data is ready to assume an enormous role in forming the fate of all industries, and perhaps alter the fate of humankind for our betterment. Along these lines, a career in data science makes for an alluring, lucrative proposition for engineers. The growing number of courses in AI, machine learning, business analytics, and data science indicates the emerging prevalence of data as a career option.

While many students and professionals are interested in data science, there isn't satisfactory clarity on how to start a career in it. Common mix-up candidates make is selecting online courses that are either basic or lack practice. The risk here is that these courses may not give you the jobs you desired.


Certified Qualifications and Skills


As a data scientist, it is uncommon to be presented with detailed problems that need solving using data. It is more likely to get your insights by reviewing patterns and trends in the data. The knack to find these patterns or irregularities needs reasoning skills to look beyond the obvious.


It can be a challenge dealing with multiple data sources and other factors when finding the precise correlation and connection for any parameter. A data scientist must possess the ability to conclude with logical reasoning.

Big Picture and Detail-Oriented Thinking:

No doubt a data scientist is required to be oriented to the details, but must also think in terms of the big picture. It can be overwhelming to analyze large amounts of data; and when your ability to looking at the big picture comes into play.

Love for Mathematics:

A major portion of the field deals with mathematical and statistical analysis. Having a math-oriented approach will serve you well.

If you have these qualities and might want to start a career in Data Science, our PG diploma in Data Science will help you acquire well-rounded knowledge in machine learning, deep learning, mathematics, and NLP.

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