Creating a Strong Online Presence

Author:- Careers of Tomorrow

Google reports 97% of users to search the web for local business– and if the numbers of users in your locality are high, you ought to be, as well. Having an online presence is a vital part of advertising, regardless of what the size of your business is or what industry you are in.

Having an online presence is vital for inbound marketing since it strengthens your reputation and what you offer to your audience. When you've interacted with your potential customers, you'll need a web presence that shows them why are unique –that is the next stop for your potential clients to check out your product or service.

It's additionally important for inbound marketing as quality content will help draw in clients even if they have not heard your brand.

Here are three things to take care of while building your marketing strategy.

1. Your website

All companies regardless of how new or small should have a website. It is a basic requirement; however, it should contain the crucial information clients are looking for – both existing and potential ones. For instance, I have experienced many restaurants have a website but don’t have a menu, opening times, and other essential information displayed. It is possible that potential customers like me might find other restaurant if such is the case. No business should lose potential clients over something that is so easy to fix and costs so little.

A website is quite simple to set up on CMSs like Wix, WordPress. They are free blogging platforms and content management system that gives clients the alternative to advanced templates or features with payment. If it applies to your business, you can even include an online shop. More than 70% of customers are retail shopping online, and it is in your best interest to take advantage of it.


2. Search engine optimization

When you have a website, it's crucial to be detected by search engines. Out of the online shoppers, 89% use search engines to look for a product, service or business before settling on a choice. To take advantage of this, you have to make a point to make efforts for search engine optimization (SEO) for your website.


3. Social media

Your presence on social media is a critical part of your online presence that enhances your likelihood of creating greater profits and building client loyalty. It permits customers, potential ones and other interested users to connect effectively through a channel that assumes an imperative role in our day to day lives.

Only a few social networking channels will be relevant to every business; it's very worth investing for alternatives. For instance, almost all businesses can reach out to customers on Facebook and Twitter– it's a great platform to post news, tips, opinions, photographs, and videos and ask and answer questions.

Other channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, FourSquare can be helpful depending on your business. Make it a point to research relevant channels and see whether they will work for you. While YouTube can be a great channel to share recipe videos, one would not want to see it on LinkedIn.

When you've chosen which platforms to market in, have a clear thought of the content you want to share. The more convincing and interesting your content is, your followers are more likely to leave comments and likes.


While organic presence doesn’t produce immediate results as a PPC campaign would, it is a valuable marketing effort. A trusted brand can bring new customers and creating an online presence is the way to start.

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