Can non-coders have a Blockchain career?

Author:- Careers of Tomorrow

The job opportunities in the field of Blockchain grew 6000% since last year. It is the hottest new trend that is driving the industry. Large businesses like IBM, Microsoft are looking for skilled professionals to work on their blockchain technology. In the country, MNCs like Infosys has established trade finance using blockchain together with seven private banks. So, if blockchain interests you - how can you build a career in it? A blockchain management certification is a way to go!


Blockchain Careers for Non-Developers

A blockchain company, like any other, requires managers, marketers, designers, legal professionals, all of it. So, if you are a non-coder, you can still find your way in the blockchain world.

If you did not have the chance to work with blockchain but excited to learn about it, what do you do? With a blockchain certification, you can pave a path to enter the blockchain environment.

You can build yourself from scratch. I don’t mean your present skills and experience will be unusable. You can utilize your existing skill-set with the knowledge you gain from the blockchain course. Additionally, supplement the information you have by reading books on the topic, attending meetups and marketing your new self. Put yourself out there!

Legal Domains

Non-coders can become a legal consultant for the company. Anonymous financial transactions can be conducted through this technology. It does bring it advantages but can cause security issues. The number of projects in Financial Technology increases by the day; so does the requirement for technology attorneys. The growth of blockchain has resulted in the demand of blockchain legal professionals.

Managerial Positions

Blockchain developers execute the project. Companies need blockchain managers (not necessarily a programmer) to plan and supervise the project. Some of the responsibility that comes with the role includes maintaining communication with clients. The manager fills the gap between the clients and the development team. To oversee the projects and the company - a manager must understand the applications of blockchain in their business environment. Always ensure that solutions based on blockchain must be efficient and cheaper than other alternatives. The whole point of using the technology is its efficacy, security, and affordability.

Other Options

If you are a fresher starting in blockchain programming, there are various platforms to choose from - Hyperledger, Ethereum are some of the popular open-source blockchain platforms. If you are acquiring a job in this field, you can choose to work on one of these platforms or create your own. Starting fresh on these platforms will give you practical knowledge.

Quick Thoughts

Many people find Blockchain quite intimidating. It is this reason the field has a steep learning curve and is in its early stage. But if you are interested, give it a shot!

There was an average growth rate of the blockchain job market from 2014 to 2016. There was an unprecedented sharp growth of the blockchain job market in 2017 and since. It is one of the fastest growing career opportunities. Whatever be your skill-sets, bring your knowledge to the blockchain market.

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